Shopping at Thrift Shops: Pros and Cons

People may find going to thrift stores to shop for clothing may seem a little disconcerting because of the fact that the clothes sold at these stores are pre-owned items or second hand items, terms that some sellers like to sugarcoat and call “pre-loved.”  But I personally love to go to thrift stores for so many reasons, and whenever I see one I can’t help myself I just have to go in. It’s an uncontrollable urge, even though I am flat broke or not I just love going to thrift stores especially with my mom. My boyfriend though on the other hand, has to chain me against a metal post of put metal shackles on me to kibosh the inevitable process. You may say it’s an unhealthy condition but I just love thrift stores.

So, sharing my obsessions aside, thrift store shopping has its upside and downsides just like everything else in this world, and I am here to convince you and maybe convince myself too about the pros and cons.


  • Other thrift store shoppers may say that the primary advantage in shopping at thrift stores is the prices of the goods, but no. I personally love the thrill and excitement of going to thrift stores because I just never know what clothing I can find there. Each experience is a new one for every thrift store and that’s why I just can’t help but visit every store I see.
  • Ok, now I can say that the prices are another reason I love shopping for clothing at thrift stores because the prices are cheapskate cheap! Really. I remember this one time; I found a pair of good-as-new Nine West denim wedges with floral embroideries for $4. Can you believe that? I grabbed the par so fast I thought I’ve torn it apart.
  • One more great thing about thrift stores are the sweet finds you can discover. If you get good enough (as me. Kidding) you’ll found some rare and priceless pieces of clothing and other stuff. I remember seeing this beautiful vintage Liz Claiborne dress which I got for $1.50 that looked like something that Audrey Hepburn would wear if she was still alive.
  • Most thrift stores are run by charity organizations as private businesses, which means whenever you buy clothing or whatever from thrift stores, you give a little to charity. A good example of this is Salvation Army.


  • Because thrift stores sell pre-owned clothing and everything else, you won’t get the same quality as brand new clothes. Although there are many items in the thrift stores that are in perfect and good condition.
  • Again, because the items are pre-owned, you might come across an item that you like so much and see that it is damaged; this has happened to me a lot. The trick is to scrutinize each item that you like for damages or stains or the likes, before you actually purchase. Some damages are minor like missing buttons or broken zippers, while some damages might make the clothing unwearable, so the trick is move on and fine something else.
  • Unlike shops that sell brand new clothing, thrift shops only sell one piece per clothing that being said, it means that you might stumble upon an item that you like so much and not have it in your size, again don’t crumble into tiny pieces, instead move on and find something else.

Now that you know the pros and cons about shopping at thrift stores, you can now try it for yourself and find it easier to do so. Shopping at thrift stores require patience and perseverance so don’t fret if you don’t find something as soon as you walk in to the stores.

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